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Jonathan Salisbury plays long-form improvised piano music, with classical, jazz and multi-cultural influences. He's been playing the piano from an early age and has always been fascinated with the possibility of creating music spontaneously and capturing it. 

In 2016, he traveled from his home in Los Angeles to the beautiful English countryside to breathe in the ancient beauty of the Sussex Downs where he made his first solo piano album Ovingdean, a tribute to his homeland and the spirit of the Downs. The album was recorded live in its entirety without any overdubs one  beautiful Spring morning. 

You can listen to the whole album (or just a bit of it!) on the MUSIC page of this site. To buy a physical copy as a CD or download, please visit CD Baby. Download only also available at Amazon.

Concerts include

MiModa Studio, Mid City, Los Angeles, CA (September 2018)

Pasadena Conservatory of Music, Pasadena, CA (March 2018) 

Jonathan also composes music for film & video. Head over to MUSIC FOR PICTURE to find out more.