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I wrote Even In the Winter winter of 2020.


I was just struck one day, that even though it was so bleak and cold outside that the birds were still singing. They didn't care. As if they were saying "Whatever. So it's bit cold (or bitterly cold), you think we're gonna stop living, stop singing?" 

Of course they weren't. 

And their naturalness and apparent positivity, defiance, I found - do find now -  truly inspiring. 

And it made me think of the people I love, and the divine presence that is all around us, and how grateful I am for those. How I can inhabit the same positivity, the same joy - whatever the weather, whatever the circumstances. 

So that's what it's about really. 

"Even though you're far away, my heart still sings, knowing you are in my life."

Even In the Winter features on the forthcoming EP Not Separated along with three other tracks. Check it out! 

A bird in winter, perched on a branch
Artwork for the "Not Separated" EP.

Four groovy tracks for your listening pleasure! 

Not Separated

Time 2B Free

Even In the Winter

Just Like That

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