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podcast production

During 2020, Jonathan worked with Jennifer Davis and Mara Hesed to conceptualize and create the podcast Looking In Breathing Out. The series launched in April 2021 and continues through the year. Each episode investigates everyday experiences through the lens of yoga and other ancient philosophies. 

Jonathan recorded, engineered and produced the podcast as well curating, composing and producing music for the inaugural season of 10 episodes. 

You can listen to the podcasts pretty much anywhere that you might listen to a podcast including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

Click on the pics to hear music from the podcasts on YouTube. Or find out more about the podcast here: 

Logo for the Podcast called "Looking In Breathing Out"
Spotify logo with kink to the podcast "Looking In Breathing Out".
Apple Podcast logo links to the podcast "Looking In Breathing Out."
a manadala

Featuring Lorraine Pope. From the upcoming Podcast Dishing it Out

Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 10.06.43

An amuse bouche about Lice! From the episode Lice, Lice, Baby.

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