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finally! - Nice enough!

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Released FEB 2023

After about two years of work and lots of crazy videos, we - that's me, the puppets and my multiple personalities(!)  - are finally able to release the album "Nice Enough!" 

The album is comprised of 14 tracks composed and produced from 2020-2022 and features some you've possibly heard and some you haven't. It's truly been a labor of love full of challenges and one rich with learning and discovery.

I know many (most) people don't own a CD player any more (or never have), but I decided to go ahead and create a limited edition physical version, partly because there's something so comforting about a tangible object, and because, well sometimes, it's nice not to have to struggle with the vagaries of streaming services. Or just to be be able to slip that disc into your car stereo and have it play. 


I really hope you have the chance to check it out and even maybe purchase a copy! Of course, you can buy the downloadable version everywhere, but also the physical version right here on my website! 

Thank you for sticking with me and being here now :) 

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