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Jonathan is very happy to be working the Cincinnati spoken word artist NRG da NuRa Goddezz.

N.R.G. (Amber Nicolle) is a Cincinnati born spoken word artist who found her voice in Atlanta, GA. With two self-published books of poetry, she has been putting those poems in motion over various music recorded and live for almost two decades. N.R.G. believes everyone has a Divine Purpose and she is fulfilling hers by writing and speaking the Truth.


Passionate about social justice and empathetic to the suffering thereof, she uses her platform to bring light to the darkness of hate, in an effort to change the world for the better. She also connects with the feminine woes and wonders of life, and shares stories that encourage and inspire perseverance.


N.R.G. has performed at many venues and events across the country physically and virtually. Her debut spoken word poetry album 'Broken Sealz: da Deliveri' is streaming now. As well as her single, 'Change Haz Kum...(Move)' featured on her  sophomore album. Her second book of poetry, 'Thoughts of a Waterbearer: Klearin' Mi Mynd' was released in 2022. 

Videos also feature vocals & percussion from Cincinnati artist Jameel Jihad.

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