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In 2019, I found myself sitting in a conference room being interviewed a for job that I had wanted for several

years, where I could not only have the level of responsibility I thought I wanted, but the recognition too. But

during the interview, I was aware of a weariness, a niggling question "What am I doing here?" And the thought came, "If I could say what I really mean, I might be somewhere different now." 

These became the first lines of this song. As I worked on it, the songs message became clearer to me. I was tired of not truly expressing myself, of not speaking up, not inhabiting my space, and I think I kinda knew that I wouldn't really be able to do that if I got the job. 

2019 was a very dark time in US history. And the US is where I was living. Division was being sown everywhere

by people in very powerful positions. The song morphed further into what it wanted to be. It wanted me to say

what I meant, and address what was going on at this time. With all the negativity in the air, it felt really 

important to stay with my positivity. 

I loved the song, and let some people hear it. And then I got involved in making all kinds of other music on

similar and different themes, and then finally in 2021, after not fully sharing, I finally realized it was time

to let the thing breathe.

I'm so grateful for receiving that message during the interview. It was time. 

It is time. People who believe in unity, equality, humanity need to speak up, 

and I'm glad this song came to me when it did, even if it took me a while 

to share it. And I'm so grateful for the encouragement I've received to

let it out into the world now. I hope you enjoy it! 

Not Separated is now the first song on an EP of the same name 

released on March 22, 2022. Check it out! Half of everything I earn 

from sales of the EP on Bandcamp will go a charity/non profit

(ACLU in the US, Medicins Sans Frontiers everywhere else).

Bandcamp icon links to

Listen or buy now! 

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